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At some point during our one-millionth trek up four flights of stairs to take our dog out to play, we realized that where we were wasn’t really where we wanted to be. We longed for the open spaces we had enjoyed as children in rural America, and for more space to play fetch with our Australian Shepherd, Charlie.

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10384 Airport Road

Longmont, CO 80503


This purchase is a deposit that reserves you one quarter of a beef cow. Beef is raised by our good friends Grandy and Lynda at Rancho Largo, a 14,000 acre ranch just outside Fowler, Colorado. Your deposit will be subtracted from your total purchase price at pick up.


After we receive your deposit, we'll reach out with a pick up date and a final total price once your animal has been harvested. Remaining balance is due at pick up via cash or check. 1/4 beef are typically between $500 and $600 total.


This purchase is directly from you to Rancho Largo, with pick up at SkyPilot Farm in Longmont. Beef can be grain or grass finished, depending on season. Please send us an email if you would like to request one or the other.


Custom cuts cannot be ordered on a 1/4 beef, but your order will always include steaks, ground, stew meat, a variety of roasts, and one or two specialty cuts, like brisket or short ribs.

Reserve 1/4 Beef

  • Payment for reserving your animal can be made with cash, check, credit card or PayPal


    Payment for the actual animal must be made with cash or check. PayPal and credit card will incur a 3% convenience fee.