Located in southern Rwanda, women’s coffee cooperative Nyampinga, translates to “beautiful women both inside and out”.  These women have shown heartening dedication towards growing this high quality coffee with limited resources.  They are committed to providing better livelihoods for themselves and their families by connecting to the international market.

KINDNESS Korbadeere Coffee

  • Rwanda ~ Women Cooperative ~ Nyampinga

  • Dark cherry, black tea, vanilla. Medium Body/Mild Acidity/Medium Roast

About Us

At some point during our one-millionth trek up four flights of stairs to take our dog out to play, we realized that where we were wasn’t really where we wanted to be. We longed for the open spaces we had enjoyed as children in rural America, and for more space to play fetch with our Australian Shepherd, Charlie.

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10384 Airport Road

Longmont, CO 80503


Farm Stand Pick Up Hours

Everyday 9am - 6pm

(orders must be placed ahead online)