Made from 100% dry aged, Carter Country grass fed beef, this savory sausage gets its sweetness from maple syrup. Normally, you have to mix pork fat into a summer sausage to add moisture and flavor. That’s not how we do things. Thanks to our signature process of raising older cows, our grass fed animals live longer and have the ability to naturally gain more fat on their bodies. This golden fat allows us to make the world’s most delicious summer sausage made from nothing but happy, healthy, grass fed cows, raised right on our ranch in the Big Horn Basin. 

Carter Country Beef Summer Sausage

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    At some point during our one-millionth trek up four flights of stairs to take our dog out to play, we realized that where we were wasn’t really where we wanted to be. We longed for the open spaces we had enjoyed as children in rural America, and for more space to play fetch with our Australian Shepherd, Charlie.

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