What's the Deal with Duck Eggs, Anyway?

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Are duck eggs any better for you? Can you bake with them? Do they taste different than chicken eggs?

You've been asking a lot of great questions about duck eggs lately, . So I've pulled together some of the best articles to answer them.

Did you know that duck eggs have more Omega-3's? They also have more protein? And people who are allergic to chicken eggs can usually eat duck eggs, no problem?

Learn more about the nutritional value of duck eggs in this article by the Countryside Network:

Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs

Ducks eggs make EGG-ceptional custards, creams and cakes because of albumen. More on that here:

Pastry Chef's Secret Ingredient- Duck Eggs

Then scoot right over to this link to lean how to make an extra rich and fluffy Duck Egg Sponge Cake

How We Raise Our Ducks ducks free range and eat algae and bugs to their heart's content so they can pass on maximum nutrition to you in their eggs.

  • The feedback we have received so far from customers is that the flavor of our eggs is not especially gamey or very different from our chicken eggs. 

  • While the flavor is not especially different, we have been told that when hard-boiled they are almost creamy at the yolk and that when scrambling or otherwise, the texture is richer and fuller.

  • We also have a cupcake master customer who swears by them for baking.

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