Spring Is For (egg) Lovers

While chickens lay all year, there is still a lot of seasonality to their laying. Often, people assume it's because of the winter cold, and while it's true that particularly cold days cause stress and effect laying, egg production also has a lot to do with sunlight.

As the days get longer, each hen will lay an egg per day until the heat of mid-Summer.

We usually see production start to decline with the hot, short days of August until we get about half as many eggs during the even shorter, colder days of winter.

But here we are at the start of April, peak egg season. Nice long days means hens have doubled their egg count from last month.

We are listed for the website now! We still have neighborhood pick ups and two farmer's markets to stock, so check online .

You can also get set up with an egg CSA. You'll pay once at the start of the month for a pick each week. Email us to inquire.

Happy Spring!

-Chloe and Craig

To learn more about Winter egg laying, we recommend the following university studies:

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