Small Batch Sausage is Kind of a Big Deal

As farmers, we know everything that goes into our products. And most small farmers will tell you that with current USDA regulation, it requires constant diligence in managing suppliers to ensure you can be proud of the final product that ends up in your customers’ kitchen.

Our local USDA processing plants does the best that they can to provide the great quality, but they are also a small business with challenges of their own.

They have to figure out how to keep good staffing with a limited employee base in a high turn-over industry. They have to process enough animals every day to pay not only salaries and overhead, but also to pay a full-time, on-site USDA inspector.

With the volume our USDA processors have to maintain to be profitable, it’s hard for them to ensure the smallest farms, like us, are getting the same attention as the biggest operations that really pay the bills.

We know you pay a premium to support our farm and to make sure you get what you expect from us, we have been researching ways to improve. We are very excited to announce that with your continued support over the last four years, our business has grown large enough to meet the minimum volume requirements necessary to create small batch sausages with new processing partners.

Being able to produce a small batch to our specifications means we get that extra attention and a truly great, custom-made SkyPilot pastured sausage.

We are happy to be introducing three new sausages in March of 2019. Lamb Merguez, Pork Andouille, and Smoked Pork Chorizo. More is coming this Summer, so stay tuned!

The world is our oyster, friends, we hope you love the new recipes as much as we do. We would love your feedback, if you have already tried the andouille or merguez (recipe adjustments are up for grabs, it’s our batch!).

And we would love it if you would help us out and drop us a note to let us know what products you would be interested in buying in the future. Together, we’re going to do great things in locally-produced, pastured meat.

Thank you!

-Chloe and Craig

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