Seasonal Lamb Bowls

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I have been obsessed with this recipe for almost a month now, making it in a variety of ways depending on what leftovers and veggies I have in my fridge. A blend of warm and cold ingredients make these bowls irresistible.

Lamb bowl with chickpeas and rice in bone broth, moroccan lamb meatballs, brussels, beets, and tahini.

The first time I made this dish, I started with rice and chickpeas simmered in bone broth and Moroccan lamb meatballs cooked on the skillet. I used roasted beets and brussels for my warm veggies and cucumber, tomato, fresh parsley for my cold veggies. I topped it all off with a savory tahini drizzle.

I've also made it with a base of lentils or salad greens. I've used butternut squash and carrots, but always the cucumber, tomato, parsley, and tahini. I've also tried the lamb meatballs with Greek seasoning. Each variation has been totally satisfying in it's own way.

Now that it's Spring, I envision asparagus....

For the base (pick one):

  • Rice and/or lentils, according to instructions (it'll be even better if you cook it in broth).

  • Salad greens

  • Quinoa

  • Beans (garbanzo, black, or tri-blend)

Lamb meatballs over broccoli, carrots, and cabbage

For the Warm Veggies (as many as you want or have on-hand):

  • Butternut squash, cubed

  • Sweet potato, cubed

  • Brussel sprouts, halved

  • Carrots, 2" chunks

  • Beets, quartered

Coat in olive oil and sprinkle with salt, roast in the oven for 20-30 min at 350 degrees.

Lamb bowl with quinoa and sweet potatoes

For the Lamb Meatballs:

  • 1lb ground lamb

  • Seasoning to taste

For seasoning, I like 1Tbsp Tan-Tan Moroccan seasoning and 1tsp Aleppo pepper from Savory Spice Shop, but you can also use cumin, oregano, salt, and garlic.

Heat skillet or cast iron on med-high heat and add 1Tbsp olive oil.

Mix seasoning into raw ground lamb and form into balls.

Once skillet is hot, add meatballs. Cook for 15 minutes, browning on all sides.

For the Tahini Sauce:

  • 1/4Cup tahini

  • 6Tbsp water

  • 4Tbsp lemon or lime juice

  • 1/4tsp cumin

  • 1/2tsp salt

Mix all together. Add more water if you want to make it thinner. Alternately, you can just use your favorite creamy salad dressing. Annie's Goddess dressing comes to mind....

Finally, chop fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and parsley to sprinkle on top.

Let everyone build their own bowl, buffet-style.

Like clearer instructions? I used this recipe from the American Lamb Board as my starting point.

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