I am (Proudly) a Lazy Cook

Sanity check:

Should food really require so much work to taste good?

Seriously! With what you’re paying for a lamb chop, it had better taste good with nothing but some olive oil and salt.

Cast iron skillet merguez, summer squash, and tomatoes

I know my blog is preaching to the choir. You’re reading this because you already know the secret to easy meals- start with local foods (aka fresher and more nutritious food).

The flavor intensity you get from locally-raised foods is coming from the rich and satisfying nutrition in well-raised vegetables, meat, and eggs. While you most certainly can, you don’t need special equipment or some secret cooking technique. You also don't need bunch of seasoning or a special trip to the Asian food market on a Tuesday.

So free yourself. Here are some ideas to get a company-worthy lamb dinner ready in no time. Prost!

Sheet Pan Leg of Lamb

Roast lamb chops with broccolini and potatoes

Merguez Breakfast Hash

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