How to Order a Half or Whole Lamb

Ordering a whole or half lamb isn't as daunting a task as you might think. It also isn't as much of a committment as a portion of a cow or a pig. Many orders will fit into a regular home fridge.

But how do you figure out how to store all the meat and decide on all the cuts and specifications you want?

For starters, you certainly don't have to go big or go home. You can start with our 10 Pound Lamb Box, which will give you an assortment of cuts so you can see what you like before ordering a half or whole.

We're also here to help you with your cut sheets. We have filled out hundreds of them and with a basic understanding of what you like to cook and eat, it will be no problem for us to get your cut sheet completed together.

We also use our own cut sheets, which are simpler, and also include popular choices that aren't on the regular cut sheets you get from the processor.

You'll want to have a second freezer for a whole lamb. You could get away with storing a half lamb in a regular home fridge/freezer, but only if it is mostly empty. You can, however, fit a 10 Pound Lamb Box into a regular home fridge/freezer, even if it is mostly full already.

The Details

We target 60lbs hanging weight (120lb live weight) for lamb. Lamb is $8.50/lb hanging weight. This includes butcher fees. 

Expect your total for a whole lamb to come to about $510 and to get back about 40lb of meat. Expect a half lamb to come to about $225 and to get back about 20lbs of meat.

We we recommend ordering a half if if is your first time ordering a whole/half animal.

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