2019 Milk Share Update

​​​​​​​Dear milk share customers,

First, we are so grateful for your support. We know it isn’t easy to make another stop in your busy schedule each week to pick up milk. Thank you for going the extra mile to support local farms and the price tag that comes with local products.

Our milk share program has grown from one or two families in 2016 to more than 30 families in 2019. We supply close to 50 gallons of clean, fresh, and nutrient-rich milk every week. By all accounts our program has been not only successful, but also profitable. You’ve trusted us with your family’s health and nutrition and we are grateful for the opportunity.

As much as we love our milk share program, love seeing you all at the farm every week, and LOVE our milk cows, March 31 will be our last milk share pick up.

You will sell back your $10 buy-in and jar deposits on your last pick up day in March.

While the milk shares have created some headaches, like when equipment breaks, or CSU stops milk testing, or our insurance provider drops us, the real reason is that we need to scale back somewhere and focus on our lamb, pork and eggs in order to reach a size that can help guarantee our future.

Clarabelle and Troubles will still be around to lick you when you stop by the farm. We love them too much to sell them. We also hope that with renewed focus on our main products, we can become large enough to support a full time employee, which would allow us to milk cows again.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

-Chloe and Craig

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