"Thanks for the Best Pork Chops Ever"                                                 -Jason

Our pork is pastured year round and is free of hormones and antibiotics. Pigs receive a GMO and soy free ration to supplement the fresh grass and alfalfa they get on pasture.


We raise primarily crosses that can include: Large Black, Berkshire, Hampshire, Gloucester Old Spot, Hereford, Tamworth, and Duroc.

To reserve a half or whole pig, shoot us an email and get you started on the process of confirming a harvest date and completing your cut sheet.

Additional fees apply for sausages on whole and half animals. Due to a fire at our processing facility, we are not able to make bacon or hams at this time.

To purchase individual cuts, shop our online store or come see us at Longmont Saturday or Boulder Wednesday Farmers Markets.

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Everyday 9am - 6pm

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