"Thanks for the Best Pork Chops Ever"                                                 -Jason

Our pork is pastured year round and is free of hormones and antibiotics. Pigs receive a GMO and soy free ration to supplement the fresh grass and alfalfa they get on pasture.


We partner with a very experienced pig breeder partner, Steve Crane, to acquire piglets. We raise these young pigs on pasture here at SkyPilot Farm for 9-12 months. Steve Crane's operation is also no GMO and they have the same focus on animal welfare. You can read more about them on the "Our Partners" page.


We raise primarily crosses that can include: Berkshire, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Gloucester Old Spot, and Duroc.

To reserve a half or whole pig:

1. Click on one of the options below to pay a deposit and reserve your spot on our harvest schedule.

2. We'll follow up via email with our cut sheet.

3. Turn in your cut sheet before your harvest date (we can talk you through how to fill one out).

4. Pick up is the week following your harvest date (don't worry, we'll remind you).

5. Full payment is due in form of check or cash at the time of pick up

We target 200lbs hanging weight per pig (weights can vary). You pay $6/lb on the hanging weight of your pig. Your processing, packaging, and transportation are all included in that price. Expect to pay about $1200 for a whole pig and to come home with about 140 pounds of meat.

Additional fees apply for loose ground sausages. We are not able to make bacon or hams at this time.

To purchase individual cuts, shop our online store or come see us at Longmont Saturday, Boulder Saturday, or Boulder Wednesday Farmers Markets.

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